Kanatek’s thirty-five plus years of experience with safeguarding, managing and supporting enterprise data infrastructure has enabled us to deliver the most cost effective, flexible and secure solution for data storage – the cornerstone of your business and a fundamental asset to the future and integrity of your enterprise.

Introducing Kanatek TapeTerminator™ – Data Storage Solution

Kanatek’s TapeTerminator™ is a customized data storage management solution that de-duplicates, encrypts, and copies your data to a safe second location either on disk or in the cloud. In doing so, it avoids the pitfalls associated with tape backup.

OpenDedup (ODD) is the underlying technology that supports Kanatek’s TapeTerminator solution. With ODD, any duplicate data you have as files is deleted, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored. However, indexing of all the duplicate data is still retained should that data ever be required again.

The Challenges with Tape Backup

Tape is far from being the most cost effective, flexible and secure method to back up your data. Here’s why:

1. Data Corruption: Tape is highly susceptible to corruption from overuse or getting too close to magnetized areas.
2. Restoration Cost: Should an event occur that requires you to rely on your tape backup, the cost to retrieve and restore with tape typically takes longer and costs more than first anticipated.
3. Loss: With a physical asset, the likelihood of misplacement increases.
4. Breach: Without encryption, confidential customer and employee data is at risk of being exposed.
5. Management: Managing and handling tapes diverts your team from tackling more strategic business needs.

Benefits of Kanatek TapeTerminator™

Kanatek TapeTerminator not only solves the problems associated with traditional tape backup but also delivers benefits that ensure long term data protection and business continuity.

Tape Storage Options

The Tape Terminator storage options provided below all include de-duplication and full encryption.

For additional information on Tape Terminator, download our Tape Terminator Information Sheet.


To find out more about Kanatek’s Tape Terminator solution, download our Tape Terminator information sheet or contact us at info@kanatek.com, or call us at 1-800-526-2821.