Kanatek Client Support (KCS)

Mission-critical infrastructures need to be supported to protect organizations. Network failure, loss of data, or delayed access to data can all have a material effect on enterprises. Organizations protect their investments with tailored, 24×7 support contracts.

Kanatek Client Support is a 24×7 Data Management technical support service and provides unique value to clients. Here is what we do:


Prevent escalation

  • Immediate access to help desk
  • Bilingual 24x7x365 support
  • High resolution of issues without escalation (call closure rate ~95%)

Deliver a Streamlined Support Experience

  • High depth of knowledge in your environment
  • Ability to consolidate contract management
  • Customized SLAs that can result in faster response times

Multi-Vendor Support

  • Kanatek has deep understanding of your heterogeneous IT environment
  • Kanatek will resolve problems involving multiple vendors to deliver seamless and appropriate solutions and support

For further information, please contact us at info@kanatek.com

Download the Kanatek Support Overview: