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The Benefits of Open Source Deduplication

Data deduplication compresses all your redundant data so you can minimize your backup requirements and maximize your storage utilization. So, why backup the same file several times?

Here’s how it works-  we backup the first bit of unique data and anytime we come across that same piece of data we reference it in a table after that.

Reduce 100’s of megabytes to single digits: Deduplication reduces the required storage capacity since only the unique data is stored. For example, a typical email system might contain 100 instances of the same one megabyte (MB) file attachment. If the email platform is backed up or archived, all 100 instances are saved, requiring 100 MB storage space. With data deduplication, only one instance of the attachment is actually stored; each subsequent instance is just referenced back to the one saved copy. In this example, a 100 MB storage demand could be reduced to only 1 MB.

For additional resources on the power of deduplication:

Test the Power of OpenDedup with your Company Content

Take the opportunity for a free assessment of the power of OpenDedup and see the benefits it delivers through the Kanatek test site.

The Kanatek Opendedupe (ODD) test site provides you with the ability to upload some test data to see the deduplication and compression results for your data. This test site has 10GB of deduplicated storage available per customer.

Simply provide a request to Kanatek to run your test data and within 24 hours we will generate a report against the uploaded data. After your report results are sent to you, the test site will be refreshed, permanently deleting all your data. If you delete your data before the reports are generated, the reports may be inaccurate.
It is advised that you do not upload sensitive or confidential data for testing purposes.

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Here’s an overview on the basics of deduplication:

Get the OpenDedup architectural overview and use cases whitepaper:

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Save Storage Space with Deduplication

Don’t backup 100’s of instances of the same email! Simply backup and store one instance saving space, money and time.


Benefits of Deduplication

  • Reduce Storage Allocation by up to 90% for files such as VMDK’s (Virtual Machine Disk) and backups.
  • Maximize Your Volume Efficiently: you can bring down the volume of traffic by 90%+ depending on the application.


Opendedupe for NetBackup

Ready, Set, Go!

As a Veritas NetBackup user, you get the benefits of OpenDedup for all your NetBackup deployments.