In recent years, Veritas® NetBackup has proven to be not only one of the best enterprise backup and recovery software solutions out there, but also was chosen as “The Best”  for enterprise solutions by Tech Target. Veritas NetBackup won the coveted 2015 award for enterprise backup and recovery software, beating out IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager.


Veritas has demonstrated their leadership position as a result of having a number of defining, market leading qualities that include; a knowledgeable sales support team; solution flexibility and  advanced licensing schemes that offer tremendous end user value. Results of a recent survey to current NetBackup customers revealed that 80% said they would buy NetBackup again.


While Veritas provides a great opportunity for cost saving, you can go one step further and simplify the management of that backed up data. Usually this requires a further investment in additional tape infrastructure, an experienced team of backup administrators, ongoing maintenance fees and much more. That’s where Nuage for Netbackup can come in and turn the complicated and cumbersome process into a hassle free and cost effective hybrid solution.


Kanatek Nuage delivers an enterprise class data resilience and protection service that takes away that complexity of running and managing your data with a transparent, fluid and cost effective cloud-based data management service. In doing so, Nuage is able to leverage your Veritas investment with expanded cloud backup protection from a combined on-premise and off-premise backup solution to give you a resilient Hybrid backup solution.


Nuage for NetBackup is an all-Canadian hybrid cloud solution that  makes use of your existing NetBackup and drives additional benefits that ultimately turns your premise-based solution into a hybrid cloud deployment. Kanatek’s subscription-based, pay-as-you-go service requires ZERO additional investment in hardware or software for your NetBackup environment.


Benefits of a Hybrid Solution

  • Further reduction in tape and disk infrastructure.
  • Double the  security with on-premise and off-premise protection.
  • Increased flexibility and agility.
  • One-stop shop for fully managed service protection.
  • Reduce cost of traditional backup data management by up to 42%


As the 2015 Veritas Canadian Partner of the Year, Kanatek brings over 30 years of expertise as an Enterprise grade Managed Service Provider. Talk with us about how we can bring simplification and increased cost effectiveness to your network today or watch our New Animated Video to learn more.