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Kanatek Backup & Recovery Solutions

Kanatek’s extensive experience in deploying Backup & Recovery systems provides us with the knowledge and expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our Professional Services team provides end-to-end capabilities for designing, architecting, implementing and managing solutions to ensure that data is protected and always available when needed. Experience is of value most importantly where integration into heterogeneous environments is required.

Technical Solutions

Kanatek works with the best Backup & Recovery technical providers in the industry. The best software for data recovery enables optimized, efficient backups and faster restores of virtual environments through deep hypervisor integration. We manage both physical and virtual servers and multiple Backup & Recovery products through one console. We also ensure rapid and easy recovery of critical applications and backup data.

Our Reseller Relationship

Kanatek has been in the business of providing Veritas products to our customers for decades. Our technical and sales professionals hold specific certifications and have the experience to offer tailored solutions and expedite your software and hardware purchase process.

Kanatek Technologies is a Veritas Gold Partner and has enjoyed a close working relationship with Veritas for over 20 years. During that time, Kanatek has provided its customers with Professional Services by employing our expertise in NetBackup, Storage Foundation, Backup Exec, Enterprise Vault and NetBackup Appliances. Kanatek has also proven our technical expertise as a Veritas support partner for clients in a variety of vertical markets.

  • Kanatek is an Expert-level partner for Enterprise Backup & Recovery – NetBackup products, including NetBackup Appliance installation and configuration and data manipulation.
  • Kanatek has certified and skilled resources in Archiving and in Dynamic Storage & Continuity – Enterprise Vault expertise is a focus at Kanatek and we have partnered with Globanet to provide a migration service for migration to and within Enterprise Vault. Our experience performing email migration allows us to offer data availability and a seamless migration experience.
  • Kanatek is a Technical Support Services Partner with certifications in Backup Exec, Cluster Server and Storage Foundation.

Our Provider Relationship

Kanatek maintains a close working relationship with Veritas. Our Solution Architects, Technical Architects, and sales staff are certified in the products they work with. This relationship allows us to provide efficient solutions and the greatest value for your investment.

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