Get Support for your OpenDedup for NetBackup from a Veritas Certified Deduplication Expert


Kanatek’s Deduplication Expertise

Kanatek offers high quality, cost-effective data deduplication services and support. With our extensive experience and expert knowledge in data protection and data deduplication, our Veritas certified team are able to provide you with quality and timely support for your open source deduplication solution no matter the size or complexity.


Why you need Support for OpenDedup for NetBackup

Your OpenDedup for NetBackup support contract with Kanatek acts as an insurance policy. It not only provides your investment protection in your product, but also continuously safeguards your mission-critical corporate data. With Kanatek OpenDedup support for NetBackup, you have 24×7 access to Kanatek support engineers by telephone, or by logging a case via email. In addition, your support agreement ensures access to product notifications, upgrades, as well as fixes and patches. Kanatek support engineers are here to ensure your OpenDedup environment has been implemented correctly and is operating optimally. Kanatek’s OpenDedup Support Program ensures that you benefit from maximum uptime and data protection at all times. You’ll avoid costly outages, downtime and loss of productivity, giving you the ability to focus on more strategic business objectives.


What you Get with Kanatek OpenDedup for NetBackup Support

With your Kanatek OpenDedup Support for NetBackup you get the following services:

  • Expert problem solving with 24×7 access to our Kanatek Support Engineers
  • Deduplication solution certification
  • Assurance that your OpenDedup solution is kept up-to-date with the newest product releases
  • Access to our back-line engineering team
  • Access to our product development team
  • Custom configuration and tuning tailored to your unique IT environment


To learn more about OpenDedup for NetBackup and to learn more about Kanatek OpenDedup support, contact us at or click here to view available time slots for a 15-minute overview call with one of our specialists


Download the Kanatek OpenDedup Support Overview: