Kanatek-Veritas Netbackup Appliance Webinar FAQs


Does the storage upgrade on NetBackup Appliance require professional services?

“Storage upgrades on NetBackup Appliance do not require professional services. Storage upgrades are easy and straight forward and can be performed by in-house backup teams. Certified technical engineers at Kanatek can provide technical expertise to perform hardware and system upgrades in a timely fashion should customers prefer a hands-off approach.

Connectivity options such as fibre channel, Ethernet, how many can be installed & can they be mixed?

” NetBackup Appliances are available with different IO configurations providing specific combinations of 4 x 1G and up to 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet NICs for network connectivity including replication and up to 10 x 8 Gigabit Fibre Channel HBAs for VMware backup, tape out and SAN Client

Can I setup automated alerts to inform me of hardware failure on Netbackup Appliance?

“NetBackup Appliance provide reporting mechanisms such has SNMP, SMTP-email alerts. The appliance also integrates into NetBackup OpsCenter for reporting and alerting purposes. Additionally, every NetBackup appliance has an integrated call-home feature. Veritas monitors the HW components on the appliances and proactively opens cases for hardware failures or faults.”

Does the appliance have trunking capabilities for Ethernet?

“NetBackup Appliances support several modes of NIC Bonding (link aggregation) including IEEE 802.3ad (sometimes referred to as LACP). Use of NIC bonding is recommended, in particular 802.3ad or balance-alb which provide increased resilience and throughput.”