Kanatek Email Archiving Services

Kanatek’s Email Archiving Services deliver an effective search and retrieval process for email systems.

Invest In The Best Email Search & Retrieval System

Enterprise Vault™ software from Veritas combines the capability of an efficient archive mechanism with the power of a search engine to provide instant, flexible access to the message store. It offers a centralized archiving framework for information held in: Microsoft Exchange, File Systems, Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server, IBM Domino™, Journal Email and SMTP.


  • Up to 60% reduction in electronic storage costs
  • Compliance with electronic correspondence archiving standards
  • Deliver flexible content storage
  • Reduce storage via compression and single-instancing
  • Removal of the PST headache for administrators and users
  • Index content for rapid and targeted retrieval
  • Ensure future access, regardless of application
  • Employ user authentication security controls
  • Define and implement retention and expiration policies
  • Ensure access to archived data from any device


Build an Intelligent Information Management System

An intelligent Information Management System complies with retention and deletion policies that keep information only for as long as needed. Backup & Recovery times of archived platforms are greatly reduced by moving older, infrequently accessed data. Overall Backup & Recovery times are further streamlined by the benefits of single instance storage into a centralized archive.

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Download the Kanatek Email Archiving Overview: