Kanatek Data Migration Services

Kanatek Data Migration Services provide fast, secure solutions for Email Archiving, Backup & Recovery. Our data migration service helps reduce time to market, labour expenses associated with data migrations as well as infrastructure maintenance and support costs through server and storage consolidation. Our services are low impacting on users, even in 24/7 environments.

Satisfy Business Needs by Managing and Moving Data

Mergers & Acquisitions are a common reason for organizations to invest in data migration. Other drivers include corporate restructuring, infrastructure upgrades, changes to in-house solutions, outsourced solutions, virtual solutions, hardware consolidation and software obsolescence. In all cases, we deliver a seamless experience when managing, transferring and protecting your data in a new archive environment.

Reduce Data Migration Costs

Kanatek Data Migration Services reduce storage costs and escalating maintenance bills by consolidating data and enabling selective migrations. Kanatek Data Migration Services enable the rationalization of different technologies into a single environment. Furthermore, old archive servers and storage can be freed up, reducing the need to invest in new hardware.

Audit and Report on Data Migration

Kanatek Data Migration Services maintain a complete audit of all data transfers and generate detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated. Each individual item is tracked.

Ensure Compliance with Legislative Requirements

Compliance laws are designed to enhance corporate governance standards. This has made it critical for IT departments within organizations to develop watertight policies to retain emails, archive them effectively and allow fast recovery of the emails. Kanatek Data Migration Services protect data from obsolescence, enabling organizations to decommission legacy archives with the safe knowledge that their data is in a future-proof, readily accessible format.

Support Multiple Environments

Kanatek Data Migration Services enable organizations to take advantage of the most recent archiving technologies at the same time as respecting their legacy environments. Software connectors are available to support migration within and between multiple archives, formats and storage platforms.

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