Predictions for the Future of Open Source Technology

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to contribute my thoughts as the Director, Technology Solutions here at Kanatek, on where the future of open source technology is headed for an article in CMS WiRe celebrating its 20th anniversary titled, “Open Source’s Twentieth Anniversary: And Where the Next Twenty Years Will Take Us“. […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Use OpenDedup for Data Backup

OpenDedup Backup Data Deduplication

Data deduplication compresses all your redundant data so you can minimize your backup requirements and maximize your storage utilization. So, why backup the same file several times? Here’s how it works-  we backup the first bit of unique data and anytime we come across that same piece of data we reference it in a table […]

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Data Breach – Let’s not have another Ashley Madison Scenario

Data Breaches are on the rise, at a rate of over 20% increase in annual breaches and their direct consequences have always dominated the news headlines. Large companies such as Ashley Madison, Sony Entertainment and Target know firsthand, the consequences of a data breach. According to an annual report by Ponemon & IBM in 2015, […]

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A Deeper Look Into Disaster Recovery

What does Disaster Recovery mean and is Business Continuity the same? The short answer to that question would be, “No, it isn’t.” As someone who has been in the industry for almost 30 years, I’ve come across this more than a few times.  I hope that by reading this, it will help explain the difference between […]

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Enterprise Vault vs Office 365 – Journal Archiving

Journal Archiving

In my previous blogpost, I went over some of the shortcomings in Office 365 that Enterprise Vault shines at. But that post focused strictly on mailbox archiving and no discussion on this topic would be complete without looking at on-premise Enterprise Vault and journal archiving. If you aren’t required to journal email for any of the […]

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