Enterprise Vault vs Office 365 – Journal Archiving

Journal Archiving

In my previous blogpost, I went over some of the shortcomings in Office 365 that Enterprise Vault shines at. But that post focused strictly on mailbox archiving and no discussion on this topic would be complete without looking at on-premise Enterprise Vault and journal archiving. If you aren’t required to journal email for any of the […]

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The Re-evolution of Centralized Data

Cloud Computing

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss As I reflect upon trends within the IT industry, I am left feeling that, what was old, is now new again. In this case, I’m speaking about the centralized data model.  I spent a significant portion of my career selling IBM mainframes and large UNIX systems.  […]

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Enterprise Vault Is Dead And Office 365 Killed It?

Enterprise Vault in the cloud

What? Really? No! Ever since Microsoft first introduced archiving in Exchange 2010, I’ve been hearing comments that Enterprise Vault is obsolete now. Typically this idea comes from an enterprise environment that had on-premise Exchange and usually archived it with Enterprise Vault. In this case, one of the incorrect assumptions with Office 365 is that having […]

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Where to spend your IT dollars

After kicking around this industry for more years than I care to admit, I’ve often wondered why corporations don’t spend more of their IT dollars on the most valuable data in their infrastructure. Let me explain If your company relies on its data warehouse for its most critical business operations, but is spending more IT […]

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