Kanatek Backup & Recovery Solutions

Kanatek’s extensive experience in deploying Backup & Recovery systems provides us with the knowledge and expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our Professional Services team provides end-to-end capabilities for designing, architecting, implementing and managing solutions to ensure that data is protected, archived and always available.


Advantages of a properly installed, architected, or upgraded solution include:

  • Minimized Risk of Data Loss or Disruption – An effective Backup & Recovery solution quickly restores file and application data in the event of system failure, data corruption or accidental deletion.
  • Reduced Possibility of Data Loss or Disruptions during Implementation – Kanatek uses industry best practices to eliminate data loss or system disruptions during upgrades or implementation of Backup & Recovery systems. By working with clients to prepare specific installation plans, the client’s staff enjoys uninterrupted access to their data.
  • Decreased Operating Costs of Backup & Recovery – Kanatek reduces a client’s time-to-value by providing subject matter experts and reducing the operating costs of Backup & Recovery.
  • The Best Technical Solution – Kanatek’s chosen software for data recovery enables optimized, efficient backups and faster restores of virtual environments through deep hypervisor integration. We manage both physical and virtual servers and multiple Backup & Recovery products through one console.

For further information, please contact us at info@kanatek.com

Download the Kanatek Backup & Recovery Overview: