Kanatek Assessments

The Kanatek Enterprise Assessment is a Professional Services engagement that identifies potential issues that can impact your IT operations and delivers qualified recommendations to improve service levels. A Kanatek Enterprise Assessment can have many benefits to your organization. Here are just a few:

  • Identify areas of poor performance and infrastructure bottlenecks.
  • Perform a gap analysis and document the results for management.
  • Identify license oversubscriptions or gaps.

Our Approach

Our team of data management specialists provides an analysis of your Backup & Recovery, data archiving or storage environment.

Our thorough data collection process is followed by an in-depth analysis stage. This allows us to identify and report on deficiencies in your storage and data management infrastructure and provide recommendations that will rectify issues in tactical and strategic focus areas.

  • Assessment Scope Definition – Our specialists will meet with your team to define your specific goals and objectives from the assessment. The scope could include all or one of the following; the evaluation of policy, process, operations and server and storage infrastructure.
  • Data Collection and Analysis – Our specialists will collaborate with your team to collect and analyze required data as agreed to in the requirements definition phase, using infrastructure data collection and staff interviews.
  • Findings and Recommendations – We then present to you our findings in a detailed report, along with any technical and operational recommendations for improvement.

Why Choose Kanatek?

  • Kanatek‘s Enterprise Assessments utilize resources with many years of IT experience.
  • Technology agnostic – Kanatek can freely recommend best practices approach
  • Kanatek values: Trusted, Ethical, Flexible, Creative, Focused, Enduring.

For further information, please contact us at info@kanatek.com

Download the Kanatek Assessment Overview: