Service Approach

Keeping pace with the speed and complexity of change in data management is time-consuming and distracts an organization from its core priorities. It is also a costly exercise: managing infrastructure, maintaining resources, understanding data complexities and complying with legislation. This can be exhausting for IT.

That’s why we have been consulting successfully since 1982. We believe Data Management should be an investment, not a cost. IT should help a company gain competitive advantage. IT should enable data insight and mobilize the effective leverage of an organization’s data – as one of its key assets.

We can help you gain this advantage from IT.

We believe that building trust is essential when dealing with mission-critical data and our AIMS methodology allows us to prove our reliability and expertise every step of the way.



Assess & Architect

Kanatek’s Solution Architects bring many years of industry knowledge to our clients’ projects. With experience from hands on administration to complex architecture and design, our team can assist with clients’ challenges and bring the right solution forward. So whether you’re in need of providing a solution for a specific need or want look at your overall infrastructure and processes to promote efficiencies, we can help.



Integrate & Implement

Services can help you realize the benefits of a tightly aligned IT infrastructure.

We will work closely with you to achieve your strategy of integrating complex backup & recovery software, hardware assets, and related IT resources to create an enterprise wide information flow solution that is designed to be flexible and cost-effective.



Manage & Optimize

By proactively monitoring your backup environment we are ensuring your data is secure and recoverable. Our remote niche service allows for peace of mind knowing your data is being protected. Allowing our team to manage your backup & recovery infrastructure allows for ROIs by the reduction and/or elimination of hardware as well as software licenses from production sites, all the while ensuring data integrity.



Support & Maintain

Kanatek technical support staff is comprised of highly skilled, certified, bilingual resources, who provide quick responses to support issues 24 hours a day. Our stringent SLA’s result in over 98% successful resolution internally, without escalation to our vendor partners.